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Check before you enroll in Medicare Advantage plans

The Daily Herald - 11/16/2023

There has been a literal flood of advertising on TV, on the radio, and in mail flyers extolling the importance of Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare does not have agents working for any insurance or health care agency! When you sign up for Medicare, you are on Medicare. Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies.

While Medicare does not currently offer vision, dental or hearing support, it will cover you when you have a major injury or have a debilitating illness, such as cancer or require dialysis. As I understand the rules, if you want to get back onto Medicare and away from Medicare Advantage, you have special enrollment periods. Beyond that, you may be able to get back to Medicare, but with a penalty.

Please think before you make a decision that could follow you the rest of your life!

Warren Walton


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