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NooCube Review in 2022: Ingredients, Efficacy, and Price

Charlotte Observer - 8/8/2022

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Noocube is a popular nootropic supplement that can boost cognitive performance, memory, focus, and overall brain health. Each capsule contains a unique blend of amino acids, vitamins, and other natural ingredients to enhance brain function.

This article reviews the benefits of NooCube, its ingredients, potential side effects, and why you should try it.





NooCube is not suitable for minors due to insufficient studies. It is also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you’re on mental health medications, you should talk to your doctor before taking NooCube.

Side Effects:

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How Does NooCube Work?

Noocube is a nootropic, a class of cognitive enhancers that can improve memory and learning and reduce the risk of natural or induced mental problems [1].

Activities that tax the brain can deplete the body’s neurotransmitter supply, reducing your ability to concentrate and focus. NooCube includes a unique combination of natural herbal extracts, amino acids, and essential vitamins for overall cognitive support.

For example, Alpha-GPC, Lutemax, and Huperzine-A can enhance memory and learning and promote focus and attention while maintaining neurotransmitter levels. Bacopa monnieri could boost memory and cognitive functions in both healthy and aging adults. B-vitamins and L-tyrosine can increase focus for greater mental demands [2].

Also, the supplement doesn’t contain caffeine,so it won’t give you jitters or anxietylike other alternatives.

NooCube is meticulously formulated with precise doses of natural ingredients to guarantee maximum efficacy and minimize possible side effects.

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NooCube Ingredients

NooCube’s formula includes 13 all-natural ingredients proven to promote brain health:

It also includes hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, dicalcium phosphate, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, and silica as fillers, preservatives, and binders, with small doses of soy, gluten, and cereals.

NooCube contains natural ingredients, and consumers haven’t reported any adverse reactions.

However, you might want to avoid NooCube if you’re allergic to ingredients like oat straw extract, cat’s claw, gluten, or soy.

1. Alpha GPC

Alpha-glycerophosphocholine, or Alpha-GPC, is a cholinergic ingredient used to improve memory and learning and boost athletic performance. It helps maintain healthy brain cell membranes and may reduce the risk of mental degeneration.

Alpha-GPC stimulates the production and release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. The supplement breaks down into choline and glycerol-1-phosphate. Choline, in turn, undergoes a chemical reaction to become acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that promotes learning, memory, arousal, motivation, alertness, and focus [3].

Alpha-GPC could alleviate cognitive symptoms such as memory and attention deficits in older persons with mild to moderate dementia. It may also enhance the efficacy of medications used to treat Alzheimer’s disease by reducing the metabolism of acetylcholine [4].

2. Vitamin B1

Also known as the anti-stress vitamin or thiamine, vitamin B1 may improve your ability to deal with stress and reduce symptoms of depression [5].

Thiamine could be a potential treatment for neurological disorders, delirium, and dementia, as these problems are all linked to a lack of thiamine.

Research on the effects of thiamine taken orally suggests that it may have a mildly positive impact on Alzheimer’s disease. Also, fursultiamine, a compound derived from thiamine, improved mental and emotional symptoms and cognitive performance to a small degree [6].

3. Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7, commonly known as vitamin H or biotin, plays a vital role in maintaining brain health by controlling gene expression and promoting new cell growth.

It is essential for the proper functioning of the cell’s powerhouse or mitochondria and helps maintain energy production and metabolism. That is why biotin deficiency can result in mitochondrial malfunction [7].

The oxidative stress that results from this malfunction may eventually destroy brain cells, causing neurodegeneration. Those with Alzheimer’s disease usually show clear signs of mitochondrial disorders. As a result, biotin could be crucial in treating Alzheimer’s disease and boosting memory and cognitive function[8].

4. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is one of the eight B vitamins that can improve focus, memory, energy, vision, mood, pain tolerance, and sleep quality. NooCube contains cyanocobalamin, a synthetic vitamin B12 that helps support healthy brain function.

Cobalamin promotes the production of critical neurotransmitters like GABA, serotonin, norepinephrine, acetylcholine, and dopamine. It also regulates homocysteine levels. Many neurodegenerative illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, have been linked to high levels of homocysteine [9].

Low vitamin B12 levels may increase the risk of depression since it supports the production of inhibitory neurotransmitters, including serotonin and GABA. These neurotransmitters keep the supply of dopamine in check. Normal serotonin and GABA levels can help you feel optimistic, relaxed, cheerful, and in control of your emotions, reducing the risk of depression [10].

5. Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri contains bacosides, a class of compounds that support the regeneration of nerve cells and the restoration of damaged ones. This supplement could be used to treat anxiety and memory problems and can increase cognitive performance.

One research indicated that participants who took Bacopa monnieri daily had better assimilation, retention, and recovery of learned information [11].

Bacopa monnieri could alleviate ADHD symptoms, including impulsivity and hyperactivity. However, more extensive human trials are required.

According to one study, Bacopa monnieri extracts, at a dose of 225 mg per day, dramatically reduced ADHD symptoms like hyperactivity, poor self-control, and lack of concentration [12].

As an adaptogenic herb, Bacopa monnieri helps the body deal with stress and anxiety. It works by improving mood and decreasing cortisol levels. However, outcomes from human investigations are contradictory.

In one research study, participants who took 300 mg of Bacopa monnieri daily had a substantial decrease in their anxiety and depression compared to those who took a placebo [13].

Another study indicated that Bacopa monnieri therapy didn’t reduce anxiety [14].

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6. Pterostilbene

Pterostilbene might be effective in treating age-related mental deterioration. According to one study, pterostilbene positively affected memory formation and enhanced performance on behavioral tasks in aged rats [15].

In addition, pterostilbene could increase certain brain-derived neurotrophic factors, which may facilitate better learning. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is one of the essential molecules in developing and restructuring neural networks that support memory and learning [16].

Pterostilbene is also a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.

It helps maintain your body’s natural antioxidants, minimizing the need for supplemental antioxidants. Pterostilbene’s ability to block inflammation-causing enzymes helps protect the body against age-related inflammation [17].

7. Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw or Uncaria tomentosa is a nootropic supplement with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It can enhance memory, attention, and overall cognitive function.

Studies show that Cat’s claw might increase BDNF [18]. It may also repair damaged DNA [19]. These mechanisms enhance the development of new neurons in the hippocampus, which is crucial for cognition, mood, and learning.

Cat’s claw can prevent inflammation and free radical damage to the brain. Studies have linked chronic inflammation with cognitive decline and depression. Cat’s claw might also decrease the accumulation of plaques that may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease [20].

The supplement may also enhance tryptophan levels to boost serotonin, providing a relaxing effect and alleviating anxiety [21].

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8. Huperzine-A

Huperzine-A is extracted from Huperzia serrata or Chinese club moss and can enhance reasoning, memory, and other mental processes. It has antioxidant properties and can help guard against glutamate toxicity, which can lead to brain damage.

Huperzine-A supports the mitochondria in brain cells, which are the cells’ primary energy source. It acts as an antioxidant and decreases the damage caused by free radicals, reducing the risk of mitochondria malfunction. Huperzine-A may also boost the efficacy of other antioxidant enzymes [22].

High levels of the neurotransmitter glutamate may cause brain damage and various cognitive and behavioral problems. Glutamate binds to specific receptors like NMDA to elicit its effects. Huperzine-A acts by blocking the NMDA receptor, which reduces the activity of this neurotransmitter [23].

9. Lutemax

Lutemax is a proprietary blend of natural carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin, which might boost mood, sleep quality, vision health, and overall cognitive function.

A study linked enhanced cognitive function to changes in retinal levels of lutein and zeaxanthin, increased BDNF, and decreased inflammation [24].

10. L-Tyrosine

L-tyrosine is an amino acid and a potent nootropic for improving mental performance. It helps keep your brain functioning at peak levels even when stressed. L-tyrosine can enhance self-control in people with ADHD, increase libido, memory, attention, concentration, and mood, and decrease depression.

Lack of sleep and environmental stresses like excessive heat or cold can lower the levels of neurotransmitters like epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. L-tyrosine replenishes them to keep cognitive function at its peak [25].

L-tyrosine has the potential to be an effective therapy for ADHD symptoms. It supports ADHD medications like Ritalin and Adderall by increasing dopamine. This mechanism improves the efficacy of these medications and reduces side effects like drowsiness or fatigue when the medicine wears off [26].

11. L-Theanine

L-theanine is a water-soluble amino acid and a mild sedative to calm nerves and ease tension. People with mental illnesses like bipolar disorder may benefit from its sedative effects. L-theanine may also improve attention and focus.

The benefits of L-theanine on cognition have been the subject of various research. One study found that L-theanine helped people with schizophrenia sleep better by maintaining glutamate levels [27].

L-theanine may also alter gene expression and manage the release of certain neurotransmitters, positively affecting bipolar disorder, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder [28].

12. Oat Straw Extract

Oat straw extract positively affects blood circulation and cognitive function in older people. Although preliminary results from rat trials suggest it may decrease inflammation and enhance mood, further human research is required to validate these benefits.

A study found that supplementing with 800–1,600 mg of green oat extract enhanced attention, memory, and focus in older adults with declining cognitive function [29].

The extract might boost mood by reducing phosphodiesterase type 4 or PDE4. Inhibiting this enzyme can also decrease depression, anxiety, and stress, improving overall mental health [30].

Oat straw extract contains antioxidants like avenanthramides that may reduce inflammation, minimizing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some malignancies.

13. Resveratrol

Resveratrol is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that can boost brain function, slow the effects of aging, and prevent memory loss.

Studies reveal resveratrol can increase learning, memory, and cognitive function. It works by boosting brain cell viability and neurogenesis, or the process of forming new nerve cells in the hippocampus [31].

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NooCube Brain Pill Benefits

NooCube contains a wide range of natural ingredients aimed at particular cognitive processes for different benefits, including:

1. Enhanced Focus

Ingredients like vitamin B12, acetylcholine (in Alpha-GPC), Bacopa monnieri, and Huperzine-A can boost attention span and focus.

L-theanine might improve focus and concentration in people with mood disorders like anxiety or bipolar disorder.

2. Improved Mental Performance

NooCube includes ingredients like Alpha-GPC, Bacopa monnieri, L-theanine, pterostilbene, and resveratrol to enhance overall mental performance.

The key cognitive benefits of Alpha-GPC include enhanced learning, memory, and retention by increasing the release of acetylcholine.

Bacopa monnieri could improve memory, learning capacity, and long-term retention of information. It contains bacosides, a class of compounds that support memory performance.

L-theanine, a key amino acid in green tea, has similar effects to caffeine and can help you feel more energized.

Finally, pterostilbene and resveratrol are potent antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging the brain.

3. Decreased Stress

L-tyrosine can increase the synthesis of some neurotransmitters, including dopamine, for a calming effect.

L-theanine might decrease tension due to stress and promote mental relaxation without causing fatigue.

Vitamin B1 can help reduce stress and other unpleasant feelings, allowing you to deal with difficult emotions while sharpening mental concentration.

4. Higher Learning Capacity

Oat straw extract could increase mental agility, promoting faster multitasking and improved learning.

Bacopa monnieri increases the efficiency with which your brain stores information, substantially improving intelligence and comprehension.

Pterostilbene may enhance the brain’s neurotrophic factors, improving learning and comprehension.

Alpha-GPC could also boost physical performance during specific tasks, positively impacting your learning ability.

5. Improved Memory

NooCube contains natural ingredients proven to improve memory. For example, Bacopa monnieri promotes the development of nerve cells, which may enhance memory. Meanwhile, Huperzine-A might boost memory by protecting nerve cells.

In addition, Cat’s claw could provide memory-enhancing effects by inhibiting the accumulation of harmful proteins in the hippocampus, which play a significant role in memory and learning.

Side Effects, Contraindications, and Safety

NooCube claims to be completely free of side effects due to its all-natural formulation. However, you might still experience common side effects like:

Potential side effects of Bacopa monnieri include stomach pain, nausea, drowsiness, and dry mouth. High doses of Huperzine-A may cause agitation, sweating, blurry vision, loss of appetite, and difficulty speaking. Cat’s claw contains a lot of tannins, which might cause side effects like headaches and nausea.

These side effects are common but temporary as they disappear after a few days of using the supplement. If your symptoms worsen while taking the supplement, you should discontinue use and see a doctor.


Most of the herbal extracts in NooCube are unsafe for pregnant or nursing women. Nootropics may also interact negatively with some drugs used to treat mental health issues.


Based on the label, you should take four capsules of NooCube daily.

Although you can easily buy nootropics online without a doctor’s prescription, it is still important to follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions to prevent unwanted effects.

NooCube Reviews: What Do People Think?

People generally criticize the efficacy of nootropics. However, NooCube’s unique ingredient blend is proven to improve mental performance and has the potential to provide actual benefits.

Here you’ll find some reviews from actual NooCube users to help you make a more informed decision about the product.

NooCube Review Reddit

Other than the one below, there weren’t many reviews of NooCube on Reddit. Meanwhile, the ingredients in NooCube have received a lot of praise on the platform.

NooCube Before and After

NooCube is sold exclusively through the official website, so there are no user reviews from other sellers. You should research the ingredients in these supplements as manufacturers only put up the best reviews on their websites.

Most users praised NooCube, saying it increased their efficiency and improved their overall well-being. Some users found that it helped them focus and pay attention for extended periods.

Is NooCube Right for Me?

Noocube is a natural nootropic supplement for healthy men and women who desire to experience a boost in cognition or multitasking abilities. The elderly might also benefit from NooCube because it may help them think clearly and enhance their ability to concentrate.

NooCube can assist those under extreme stress by increasing concentration, clearing their minds of mental clutter, and helping them relax.

Relying just on supplements may not provide the results you want. For the best results with NooCube, we recommend you adopt a healthy lifestyle consisting of a balanced diet and regular exercise.

How Do I Take NooCube?

The manufacturer recommends two capsules of NooCube daily with breakfast. If two capsules a day aren’t providing the desired effect, try taking four; two with breakfast and two after lunch. However, you shouldn’t take more than four capsules daily.

How Long Does It Take For NooCube to Work?

NooCube, like most other nootropics, begins working within 30–45 minutes after use. Unfortunately, there is insufficient evidence to conclude that the supplement is effective for everyone. Some people may feel the effects immediately, while others may not notice a thing.

It may take up to a week to notice the long-term impacts on mood and focus. The manufacturer suggests using it consistently for three to six months to experience the full effects.

Where Can I Buy NooCube?

NooCube is only available through the official website, and it ships free of charge globally. You get free access to two E-guides when you buy the three-month or six-month supply package.


One-month supply (60 capsules, most affordable option):

Three-month supply (180 capsules, most popular option):

Six-month supply (360 capsules, best value):


NooCube’s website frequently runs sales, such as a 20% discount for a month’s supply, 46% off the regular price for a three-month supply, and 60% off the six-month supply.

Recent discount codes like SALE20 allow you to save 20% on purchases. Visit the website for the latest promo codes.

Money-Back Guarantee

NooCube offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Contact customer support within 60 days after purchase for a complete refund if you are unhappy with the product.

You’ll always get the same 100% satisfaction guarantee no matter what package you buy.

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Here we answer some of the popular questions people ask about NooCube.

Is NooCube a Nootropic?

Yes, NooCube is a potent nootropic supplement that can help boost cognitive abilities and enhance memory and focus.

How Long Does It Take for NooCube to Work?

It could take 30–45 minutes for the effects of NooCube to kick in. However, there’s no evidence to support this, and results may vary depending on the individual.

According to the official website, you can achieve optimal results after three to six months of use.

How Long Does NooCube Last?

NooCube’s effect might wear off after eight to ten hours, but this depends on the dose you take.

Can I Use Prescription Medications With NooCube?

Yes, you can combine NooCube with your prescription medicine with a doctor’s approval.

Is NooCube Safe?

Yes, NooCube should be safe as it includes all-natural ingredients that have been studied on healthy adults.

Sticking to a balanced diet and a regular workout routine is best to get the most out of this supplement. NooCube’s formulation includes herbal extracts that may cause mild and temporary side effects like fatigue, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, and headache. You should speak with your doctor if you are concerned about the safety of NooCube.

Who Owns NooCube?

Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited, headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, is the owner of NooCube.


Several dietary supplements work similarly to nootropics by enhancing cognitive functions like learning, reasoning, memory, and attention. Here we compare NooCube to some of these nutritional supplements.

NooCube vs. Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro, like NooCube, is a brain-boosting supplement but includes slightly different natural ingredients. The most notable distinction is the presence of ashwagandha for its potential efficacy against stress, age-related disorders, and cancer.

Mind Lab Pro also contains citicoline in place of Alpha-GPC. Citicoline has some of the benefits of Alpha-GPC but is not as effective.

Mind Lab Pro is more expensive than some other nootropic supplements. Meanwhile, NooCube could be an ideal choice if you’re on a tight budget.

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NooCube vs. Adderall

Adderall is a prescription medication developed specifically for people with ADHD. It is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance in the United States, meaning it has a high risk for abuse.

Adderall can cause many unpleasant side effects,including nausea, stomach ache, dehydration, weight loss, and anxiety. Long-term Adderall usage may also cause irreversible brain damage.

However, NooCube’s all-natural formulation, including L-tyrosine, may provide excellent ADHD symptom management with no adverse effects.

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NooCube vs. Brain Pill

Brain Pill, like NooCube, includes effective ingredients for enhancing memory and reducing mood disorders.

This supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and various bulk-order discounts.

Brain Pill is more expensive than NooCube, and only offers free delivery for bulk purchases. NooCube may be an ideal choice if you are looking for a cost-effective alternative as it offers free international shipping on all purchases.

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NooCube vs. Hunter Focus

The main goal of Hunter Focus, like that of other nootropic supplements, is to increase cognitive performance and general brain health. It can give you more energy than NooCube because it includes caffeine.

However, Hunter Focus is relatively pricey and requires four daily doses for maximum benefits.

Meanwhile, NooCube is a more affordable and better option if you’re caffeine sensitive or wish to avoid the crashes and jitters associated with caffeine use.

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NooCube Review Summary

Noocube is a nootropic supplement with science-backed positive effects on cognitive performance, memory, retention, focus, and long-term brain health.

Individuals in many walks of life, from working professionals to academics to those simply interested in enhancing their cognitive abilities, can benefit from using NooCube.

It is also the ideal choice if you’re new to nootropics and on a tight budget; you can save up to 50% when you buy the six-month bulk bundle.

We’ve also highlighted a couple of alternative supplements that offer comparable benefits so you can decide which is worth your money.

Finally, remember that taking only the supplement may not be enough to get optimal results. You should also get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet.

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