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Caring for Your Aging Parent: A Support Group in Boulder
5:30pm - 7:00pm

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Caring for Your Aging Parent: A Support Group in Boulder

Network of Care for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Second Thu of every month starting at 5:30pm


Join our monthly drop-in support group for adult children who are caring for aging parents. Get the support you need to take care of yourself while caring for your loved ones. Share your tips and challenges with others and learn about resources that can help lighten your load. For more information contact Jodi Ansell, 303-415-1025 or jansell@jewishfamilyservice.org. Facilitated by Andrew Bunin, LPC and Jody Ansell, MSW. Open to any Boulder County resident.

Min. Age:

East Boulder Senior Center
5660 Sioux Drive
Boulder, CO Phone: 303-441-1546
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Jodi Ansell

Email: janswell@jewishfamilyservice.org
Phone: 303-415-1025

Admission: Free
This service is made possible through Boulder County Area Agency on Aging, Boulder Jewish Family Services, and the City of Boulder Human Services.

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